Inspiration 1.3 Chocolate

It's time for new inspirations now. I felt hungry, my sister played the song "Chocolate" by The 1975 and I was thinking ab...

It's time for new inspirations now. I felt hungry, my sister played the song "Chocolate" by The 1975 and I was thinking about my new post. By the way, I am very happy about so many new followers, that I could only think about my blog. Thank you guys ♡. 
Nearly everyone love it, whether in brown or white, with nuts or without, as a cake, as a drink, with fruits or without... No matter which brand, the main point is: We need chocolate. It makes us happy and so we can not live without it. You wonder why chocolate is an inspiration? Well, as I already wrote in the first inspiration post (Inspiration 1.1), everything can be inspiring. It depends on how you look at it and which type of person you are. Only the fact, that those brown/white kind of drugs makes us feel better, just in a second. People are worried about to increase in weight, but eat chocolate regardless. I think sometimes it's necessary to allow yourself something. Didn't you heard about those girls, who died because they didn't eat enough? Only to feel pretty in their 'reduced to a skeleton' body? It's everyones' own decision, but feel free to allow yourself a little snack, but not toooo much. You have to assess that clearly. Enjoy it. With a cup of tea, haha :D.

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  1. OMG!! I would eat all of that!

  2. Love the pictures.

  3. Following back;)

  4. Hi dear!!:) I've just discovered your blog and it is amazing!!
    Have a really nice weekend!!
    Come to see mine, and my new post "Get lucky"

  5. OMG!! I love these pictures and of course pictures so much!

    New Outfit Post: A Knee High Kind of Day

  6. Looks gooood! :))
    You are welcome to check out my blog and maybe we can follow each other on GFC, G+ and bloglovin. Let me know!

  7. Great post !

    I follow you on GFC, so please do the same with my blog:

    Best, Julita

  8. Sieht echt lecker aus : )
    Liebe Grüße

  9. Hi dear!! Thank you for your amazing coment :)
    I love the cakes, they are amazing!!
    Come to see mine, and my new post "Truth teller"

  10. i love the m&m inside the cake :D


  11. This is the most delicous post I've ever seen!

  12. Sure,let's do it!
    Followed you :)
    It would be super cool if you liked my fb page as well

    Your Princess is in Another Castle

    xx Sofie

  13. Great post!

    Would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin '? Let me know :)

    Have a good week!

  14. What beautiful pictures.....cant believe i am on a big no chocolate thing right now! x

  15. I am dying on the inside..
    this is perfection <3


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