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I enjoyed my summer holidays a lot. I had been for one week in Spain and I just forgot my 'real' stressful time at home. After all I...

I enjoyed my summer holidays a lot. I had been for one week in Spain and I just forgot my 'real' stressful time at home. After all I think sometime you have to go on with your work. 

School already started now 3 weeks ago and I really agree with the students, who don´t like school. I mean honestly nearly no one likes to go to school. You have to learn for tests, make homework, wake up early in the morning and you don´t have so much free time (less than you would have without school). Before school beginning I reflected what I could do better this school year. It´s not necessary to have school resolutions, but it forms itself automatically in your head, you can´t control it.

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In my opinion every student has resolutions, whether it´s "I won´t go so often to school this year", I will practise more, I will hold up my hand more often or 'fuck it school'. Those can also be resolutions. For me it´s important to have a good graduation. I´m now in class 10, only 3 years left! You know my personal school resolutions this year are hold up my hand more often, practise harder for tests and try to be more confident and brave. The first two points are very typical resolutions. Being more confident and brave are in general important, but these two characteristics already develop in school. 
School isn´t only working, learning etc. You work with different people, that means different characters and different classifications. Altogether a big community. Several students take care of their appearance , try to make the most friends or getting the worse grades... I think we don´t have to think too much about what other students think about us and how you look today (even on bad hair days!). For school it´s advisable to dress casual, be sure to feel comfortable in your body.

It´s really obvious who work hard and who not. Who make their resolutions come true and who not. Without being diligent, disciplined and taking risks, you won´t getting good grades. Just make yourself proud! xx

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  2. Montag fängt für mich auch die Schule wieder an und wie jedes Jahr werde ch mir auch einiges vornehmen. Malschauen, ob es diesmal klappt :)

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